Blank Land  / 01  / Emily Link  / Katie James  / 02  / 03  / Stacy Scibelli  / Brian Willmont  / Michelle Matson  / 04  / Sam Gibbons (detail)  / Michael Handley

  "Blank Land" was collaborative show exploring urban identity crises, sacrifice, and heroism through the lens of mythology and American values and featured the work of over fifty artists.

  Oh Nancy is an national art collective that provides a vehicle for artists -- presenting them with a narrative structure that facilitates collaboration and multiple-authorship. Using contradiction,
  symbolism, and coincidence. histories are created and layered -- anchored in this narrative blueprint. The story is a mythical and satirical portrait of Americana that examines fanaticism and
  the complexities of the American hero. Artists respond to different facets of the story, organically building it along the way, each exhibition the latest chapter in an ever growing epic.

  Oh Nancy was created and is directed by Arthur Henderson, Nathan Wellman and Fionn McCabe.