Starring 2 elephants / detail 1 / A desperate attempt / detail 2
  Tom Friedman has a piece called “Play-doh” in which he scatters pills (sculpted out of Play-doh) on the floor. There was a woman at Yale who exhibited
  aborted fetuses. I read about one guy who locked himself in a room with a wolf, for like, two days?... It wasn’t the Joseph Beuys piece. I can’t
  remember. People do such crazy shit!
  “Starring 2 elephants” is a drawing of myself snorting Tom Friedman’s Play-doh drugs, trying to get attention and freaking out about art.
  The structure of this drawing is an owed to Goya’s, “The sleep of reason produces monsters.”
  “A Desperate Attempt” was the first manifestation of these ideas and was initially
  called, “A desperate attempt to be relevant in my time”, but that title just seemed a little too long.