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  I often prefer a sketch to a finished drawing, a study to a completed painting. Often the final piece seems to be missing something when compared to
  the excitement of its visual evolution.
  A film maker friend of mine loses interest in his films as soon as they are finished. I know other artists like that as well. For me, it is not the
  completion of an image that causes me to lose interest, but the trimming of its possibilities. When an idea has been shaved down to a single
  conclusion, I can’t help but miss the chips and slivers that were sacrificed to its simplicity.
  I am at an age now where some of my friends talk about the lives they could have led if they were younger, how they have lost their youthful
  potential. I have that voice in my head too, but I have a cacophony of others as well. They are a useless but engaging bunch, many contradictory, and
  few practical.
  If they ever go silent, this island would be a boring and lonely place.