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  In 2013 I moved from Los Angeles, California to Sydney, Australia. Before I move anywhere I always build the new place
  up in my head first, until it’s completely unrealistic. In this imagined utopia my neighbors nod and makes eye contact,
  I have a slop sink in my studio and every time I stop to tie my shoes I find a few wonderful opportunities.
  The reality is that I have no laces, they’re elastics. Not like rubber bands, I mean, like, tasteful elastics. They look
  like laces but they’re actually not.
  The art shows I love the most are epic. Sometimes it’s enough just to see something that shouldn’t be in
  a gallery inside a gallery. A house... Inside! A horse... Inside! A horse’s house or a barn or whatever... Inside!
  I have some ideas for epic drawings, but they rarely involve horses.
  Here I’ve drawn a tiger as my horse. I have drawn two, but one of them is only a general idea, like my shoe laces.