Tintin's Children / Private Dick / Entering the Middle / Woah Woah
  Celebrated journalist, amateur detective, dog lover, long time supporter of short pants. What did Tintin wind up doing when he finally settled down?
  Does he have a family? A wife? Children? Are his adventures now domestic? Solving the mystery of the missing socks (dropped behind the washing
  machine), reporting on criminally high petrol prices (simple inflation, war, price gauging?), reminiscing with the Thom(p)sons…

  It is something of a relief to imagine him at a nine to five, answering the telephone, sending emails, spilling his coffee as he makes photo copies
  (another mystery, which detergent to use on the coffee stain?).

  Tintin at the Bar. Tintin in Traffic. Tintin Boils an Egg.